Karate Information Center 

Japanese terms, Kata Names, and Kyu Test Requirements 

Gi and Obi  Care of the uniform, belt

Ranks  TBK system of ranking

Requirements for 9th Kyu  Numbers in Japanese, Targets on the body, Dojo basics

Requirements for 8th Kyu  Dojo Kun in English, Basic Commands in Japanese

Requirements for 7th Kyu Stances, Punches, and Blocks

Requirements for 6th Kyu Japanese goegraphy and terms for karate

Requirements for 5th Kyu Levels of Kumite for Shotokan training

Requirements for 4th Kyu kicks and Strikes

Requirements for 3rd Kyu Fist, Hand, Block, Kick Variations

Requirements for 2nd Kyu  List of 15 kata required for ShoDan-Ho and above

Requirements for 1st Kyu List of other 12 kata in Shotokan system (correction: #1 Gankaku is part of required 15)

*NEW* Required for Shodan-Ho and Shodan Closed and Open Hand Techniques 

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