2018 National Championship information will be posted to www.aaukarate.org .  Watch the trailer below!

The Greater Broward  County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale is an excellent host and venue for the 2018 AAU Karate National Championships!  The people are friendly, the local restaurants are happy to serve quickly, and the family-friendly beaches in every direction provide a beautiful backdrop to serious competition.  Happy!  Sunshine!  Ft. Lauderdale.  June 26-30, 2018

The Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance and Triangle's Best Karate (Yes, our dojo!) hosted the 2017 AAU Karate National Championships and International Cup at the Raleigh Convention Center, June 28 - July 1, 2017.

1,500 athletes ages 5 to 55+ along with family, spectators, school owners, coaches, officials and support staff from all 50 states plus other countries are expected to attend this 5-day event.

The event schedule is as follows:

·        Tuesday, June 27th – Registration for Coaches & Officials, Pre-Reg for Athletes

·        Wednesday, June 28th – Registration for Athletes along with Coaches & Officials Training

·        Thursday, June 29th – Opening Ceremonies & 1st Day of Competition (Ages 5-10 and Senior 35+)

·        Friday, June 30th – 2nd Day of Competition (Ages 11-17)

·        Saturday, July 1st – Final Day of Competition (Adults, and Ages 13-34 additional advance sparring)

Event Pre-registration

Complete by June 13.

Triangle's Best Karate Team will be registering as a team:

That means that all athletes, coaches, officials must complete the pages designated below and return the with appropriate fees to Sensei Yu no later than TUE, June 13. P. 1-5 schedule and general overview for athletes and families
p. 6 Coaches' one page form
p. 7 Referees' one page form (this includes our newest Officials)
p. 8-9 Beginner/white belt athlete (2 pages, parents please sign the back)
p. 10-11 Novice/green belt athlete (2 pages, parents please sign the back)
p. 12-13 Intermediate/brown belt athlete (2 pages, parents please sign the back)
p. 14-15 Advance/black belt athlete (2 pages, parents please sign the back)
p. 16-17 Team Kobudo, Team Kata, or Team Kumite registration.  (please consult Shihian or Coaches if you are interested.  We will make sure your team make-up is consistent with national rules, e.g. co-ed boys and girls okay for team kata but not team kumite for ages 17 and under. )


Triangle's Best Karate Coaches will pick up all of the athletes credentials and drop them at the dojo for pick up on TUE June 27 after 7 PM and WED June 28 between 6:30 and 8:30 AM. 

Volunteers & Spectator tickets 

Complete online sign-up by June 20.


In addition to completing the Volunteer form on pp. 16-17 in the packet above, please select your time slots and roles from the Sign Up Genius online tool below. 


If you are not signed up to volunteer, you will need to buy admission to enter to watch as a spectator.  Spectator tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door per day.  Let Coaches know when you turn in the Athlete Registration if you wish to buy advance tickets and save.