Karate Day Camp


Camp Philosophy

When school's out, children want to play with their friends, improve their skills, or learn something new.  Best Karate's Day Camps for school holidays and summer break provide a safe, supervised, healthy option to watching TV or playing video games all day.  No karate experience is necessary.

Camp Counselors for 2019: Ellie Bruno, Erin Cutler, J.J. Yu-Robinson, Maya Starr, Clara Carbone [On-Site Adult Chaperone: Cyndy Yu-Robinson]

Scheduled Camps

June 24-28, 2019 Summer Camp   [$40/day $180/week for non-members or $160/week for Best Karate member, prepaid ]  

Camp Limit: 18 campers

Typical Day at Best Karate Camp

7:45 AM Early Drop off Available, Parent must come inside to sign in!

8:45 Karate Lesson 1

9:30 Morning Break

9:45 Special: Movie, Nutrition and Food Lesson (try new fruits, make a smoothie), Craft, or Visit to a Museum

12:00 Lunch Break

1:00 Afternoon Exercise: Walk in the park, learn a new outdoor game

2:30 Afternoon Break

3:00 Karate Lesson 2

4:00 Indoor non-competitive games
4:30-5:30 Pick-up

What to Bring

Lunch and 2 healthy snacks

64 ounces of water

Gi/uniform if you have one plus play clothes and walking shoes (if wearing or bringing flip flops, also bring sneakers).

Sunscreen, hat, medication if arranged in advance

Price, Registration, Payment


$180/week for non-members

$150/week for members and their siblings

Register now, pay later.

Cash, check, and credit/debit/EFT payment via PayPal at www.trianglesbestkarate.com