Group Fitness at Best Karate

BestFit Indoor BootCamp 

ACE-certified Steve Robinson will give a longer version of his morning workout for small groups.  You'll gain self respect, new skills, and a BootCamp burn!!!  Men and Women, all fitness levels may be accommodated.  Wear T-shirt and sweatpants or leggings.  Shoes are optional. Call 919-302-1544 to reserve a spot. 

Warrior Workout

Warrior Workout Class uses the punch, kick, and lunge drills of martial arts to improve agility, speed, coordination, endurance, and self awareness.  No uniform, no belts. Rating: Beginner to Advanced.  

  • All-sports conditioning class for ages 12 and up.
  • Our goals for the end of 6 weeks:  2-minute plank, 2-minute wall sit, 20 push-ups without quitting.   
  • Sample set 1:  10 burpees, 9 squat-knee tucks, 8 push-ups, 70 seconds of shoulder rolls, 6 sets x 5 lunge twists, 5 sets x 8 walking lunges with front kicks, 4... etc. 
  • Sample set 2:  1 minute each of ladders, lateral cones, boxer's bob and weave, boxer's cross punch. 

HIIT Boxing

HIIT Boxing: Best Karate has combined boxing conditioning drills with heavy bag work to give you a demanding workout that will burn calories, sculpt your arms and back, and develop cardio stamina.  Bring or borrow our boxing gloves.  Rating: Intermediate-Advanced.