Personal Training or Small Group Fitness, 45 min.

Joining a big gym with thousands of pounds of weights and treadmills may seem like a great value until you lose interest or examine your desired results.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or get stronger and faster in your competitive sport, Personal Training or Small Group Fitness gives you a personalized plan, a coach and trainer who provides variety and efficiency in workouts, and a higher degree of accountability.  

Steve Robinson is an ACE-certified personal trainer with a decade of personal training experience.   Steve is currently working with tennis, football, track and field, and golf athletes.

Programs available (see our Schedule for morning and afternoon openings)
Personal training, offered weekday mornings by appointment.
Small group fitness, up to 4 clients at the same time, at lower rates.
Private instruction in karate

Equipment available:  
Free weights and benches
heavy bags and boxing gloves
TRX suspension bands
heavy ropes
plyoballs, plyo boxes
balance boards, medicine balls

Call or text 919-302-1544 to arrange your first session.