Women's Self Defense - An empowering workshop for all ages.

Read Q&A about Choosing a Women's Self Defense program, written by Portland Police Dept.  

This practical workshop is designed FOR WOMEN, taught BY WOMEN. The workshop may be taught in 3 sessions or condensed into 2.5 hours for beginners and non-martial artists who are busy at work, school, play/.  

  • The workshop involves discussion, role plays appropriate for ages 14+
  • Use posture, eye contact, and voice to project self confidence.   Use your voice to drive away strangers and annoying people or to get real help. 
  • Learn escapes, how to strike vulnerable points, and fight from the ground up.
  • You are encouraged to bring your girlfriends, family or colleagues.
  • You’ll leave with a confidence boost and tools to protect yourself in common scenarios.

Schedule of upcoming Women's Self Defense Workshops

Jun. 7, 2018        Jewish Community Center, Raleigh, To register, email: trianglesbestkarate@gmail.com

TBD                    private software company, Morrisville

Workshop is organized for groups of 5-16 people and can be delivered in your community center, school, office, church, fitness center or at Triangle's Best Karate.

Call or text 919-844-5555 to inquire about Women's Self Defense.